Friday, September 20, 2013

Miss Me? neither, but WTF?

It's been awhile I know. I guess the only thing constant about my blog is its inconsistency. Sorry about that. The thing that drove me back....well there were two things really. One is that I am super excited about a trip I've been wanting to take for a REALLY LONG time and the other is an innocent comment my husband made a few weeks ago.

We'll start with the comment. We were visiting my son's school for parent teacher night and had just finished meeting all of his teachers. Which I must say was rather disappointing this year and personally left me with more of a sense of dread about the coming school year than hope. I think the following gif sums up the bulk of that evening nicely. Since whether they meant to or not a LOT of  the teachers came across like this...

While comparing notes on our favorites and least favorites my husband said he hated most of his English teachers in high school so he wasn't surprised that our son's wasn't winning any popularity contests. I pointed out that although I didn't care for my high school English teacher my favorite teacher of all time was my English teacher in 8th grade. I explained that I liked her because she was cool and because she told me I'd probably become a writer one day and she hoped I didn't waste my talents. How can you not love that?

I sighed wistfully at the memory feeling sad that I'd disappointed her...that I'd disappointed myself...hell, a lot of people. Then my husband interrupted my thoughts by declaring, "You ARE a writer."

I stopped dead in my tracks utterly shocked. "What?"

He turned to face me, completely serious, and said. "You write ALL the time. More than anyone I know. You are a writer. It is how you communicate. Just because you don't write books or articles doesn't make you NOT a writer. Just because you don't get published doesn't mean you don't write. Having readers doesn't make you a writer. Needing to write and writing for writing's sake makes you a writer. To Hell with what other's think."

I mulled that over...let it sink in and gave a resounding...YES! You are so Right!

Screw the experts and Grammar Nazi's. I am a writer. My soul chooses to write and therefore I am a writer. So what if I suck at it. Don't read it, if you don't like it.

To say I felt better is an understatement. I felt IMMENSELY better. Seriously, I was happier than Miley Cyrus with a box of foam fingers, if you can imagine that. If not well...

Sorry about that....couldn't help it.

Anyway, I may be no Shakespeare, but I know I can get my point across. So what if the only things that are fit for public consumption spew forth at the rate and consistency of a Bi Polar on crack.

I still write!

And so for better or worse I decided to use this inspiration to put these thoughts down least while the inspiration is flowing.

Expect there to be a little more versatility in the style and theme of my ramblings (as seen above) as I have been spending a LOT of time on buzzfeed and have learned that although a picture may be worth a thousand words an animated gif is worth TEN thousand! Plus I no longer care if all my content is ALL original as long as my ideas are and I get my point across.

Also, and this probably the real reason... gifs really crack me up and I enjoy them at the moment. I'm sure that too will get old but bear with me in the meantime.

Reason number two is that I want to share my experiences other than just on facebook where you can't really give many details. BECAUSE....This year we are going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando Florida and I am out of my mind excited.

I've ALWAYS wanted to go but have been too chicken (and too poor) in years past. But this year I'm going for it! There are too many of my favorite things being highlighted to pass it up! Check it out...

I'll give you more details later. Thanks for sticking with me and caring when I post. It means a lot to me and I love you guys.

'Til Next Time....

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